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Are you looking for a professional custom web designer who does quality freelance web design work for small businesses? You've come to the right place. The Real Gurus is the one of the best local web design companies in North Carolina that offers quality sites at a fraction of the cost. Just click on the arrows below to find out the answers to your web design questions.

What kind professional web design work can I do for you?

Are you a small company that would like to create or update your web-presence and boost your business? Are you interested in a personal custom website with a little pizzazz? Do you represent an organization that wants to be able to keep in better contact with your constituents? Are you interested in accomplishing this without breaking the bank?

More and more potential customers are turning to their computers and major search engines to find the goods and services that they want and need. Are they able to find you on the web or are you missing out on that potential revenue? In this day and age, a polished website is critical for a paying customer's first-point of contact. A bad (or a lack of a) website can turn customers off before they've even considered you.

Don't risk loosing out on business because you don't have an easy way for customers to find you. Invest in a professional website and get those web and mobile customers to come to you.

Let's face it, building a website can be easy. Building a well-thought out, good looking, professional quality website is a little bit trickier. Honestly, if you had the time and inclination to learn to do do it yourself, you probably wouldn't be here reading about The Real Gurus. But here you are.. I have an eye for detail, I understand how the internet works, and I know how a great website can bring paying customers through your business' door.

Search Engines are here to stay, and being reachable from any computer or smartphone is a critical part of running a business in the new millennium. It's time to invest in a website, don't let those potential customers get away..

What do I offer that other web design firms don't?

There are a lot of companies out there who want your business to design a cookie cutter, impersonal website that you choose from a set theme. Boooring! Wouldn't you rather have a custom website created by a local NC web designer who has you and your business' best interests at heart? I want your business to succeed, and I want you to be proud of your website and happy to have customers and potential customers look at the goods and services that you can offer. I have years of experience in the IT field and I know how the web works and how to help you develop a professional looking website to put money in your pocket.

What web design tools do I use?

I proudly do all my work on Apple hardware running Mac OS X. After all, I am a Mac Guru too! I've tried a lot of tools and we keep coming back to Rapidweaver, an excellent scalable product brought to you the find minds at Realmac Software. One of the best parts of Rapidweaver is the incredible amount of tools, plug-ins, and themes available for and created by other folks that love the product as much as I do, the end-users.. the folks that use the software and want to give back to the Rapidweaver community. I like that kind of dedication.

Here are some of the Tools & plug-ins I love:

Yabdab Software:
FormLoom & TabLoom

Yourhead Software:
Stacks, Carousel, Accordion, Collage, & Kwix

FaqMaker, PlusKit, & SiteMap Plus

BannerZest Pro

Here are some the Theme builders that I love:


Where can you see some of my custom website work?

How much do I charge for a great custom website?

Getting more interested in contracting for a great website from The Real Gurus? While I offer a la carte pricing for websites, I offer 3 different types of custom professional website packages designed to offer you more and save you money in the process.

Basic Website is $300, a savings of $250 over a la carte charges.
Enhanced Website is $600, a savings of $430 over a la carte charges.
Super Website is $1200, a savings of $955 over a la carte charges.

For more information, please see our Pricing Page, or just drop me a line through The Real Gurus contact page.

The Real Gurus is not responsible for the content of any created website.
That responsibility lies solely with the site's owner.