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Free edits every month

We’ve just added a new feature for our customers. Because we don’t build website with integrated editors*, some folks might feel reluctant to ask for edits to their sites. Not to fear, we want you to feel like you can make changes without breaking the bank. To ensure this, our customers now get 1 hour of free edits per month** to existing web pages.

This can save you up to $600.00 a year in editing fees!

  • Need to have some information updated?
  • Want to add new news articles?
  • Got new photos or fancy new logos?

Just contact us and request your edits and we’ll get them up on your site as soon as possible, typically within 3 business days.

*: Quite frankly, the formatting of the integrated editors tends to make the site look cheap and fractured. Spend any time on the web and you can really see the difference between professional looking websites and unprofessional ones. Your customers will notice it too. We want to keep your site looking clean and professional to help your business remain on the cutting edge of internet technology.

**: The hour is broken up into 4 quarters of 15 minute increments, meaning there’s a 15 minute minimum time alloted to your requested edit. Also, ther time does not compound monthly, meaning there is only 1 hour available each month for your edits and unused time is not rolled over to the next month.

We appreciate your business and want to make you happy.